Enrich Your B2B Data in Google Sheets: Introducing Sapiengraph!

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Enrich Your B2B Data in Google Sheets: Introducing Sapiengraph!

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What if you had the power of a data enrichment API for people and businesses right at your fingertips...without needing to write a line of code? What if you could integrate this API into your existing spreadsheets right now while remaining CCPA- and GDPR-compliant?

Introducing Sapiengraph: A data enrichment service made for business analysts, venture capitalists, recruiters, and anyone else who needs trusted data from sources like LinkedIn and Crunchbase about people and companies. No coding necessary.

Examples & use cases

Let's look at a simple example first, a company enrichment query. And don't worry about forgetting anything - Google Sheets will always autofill formula names for you. You can start typing SG_, and it'll help you with the rest.

Autocompletion for the SG_COMPANY formula
Hinting for how to fill in a formula

Let's get Stripe's description:


You'll see the cell say "Loading..." as it loads, and then:

Using SG_COMPANY to get a company's description

If we want the name (in this case, "Stripe"), we can request the name instead:

Using SG_COMPANY to get a company's name

How can you know what possible attributes are available for a company? Check out our documentation for the company data specification. Any "key" listed there is something you can pull out and fill into your spreadsheet.

Use case: Enrich a prospect list

Have a list of potential B2B customers in a spreadsheet already? Then, you can use Sapiengraph to enrich your data with values like industry and employee count to ensure they're a good fit for you.

Here's how:

Enriching a list of companies with their industry
  1. Add the URLs you're enriching in column A.
  2. Add the formula: =SG_COMPANY(A2,"industry") in B2.
  3. Click and drag the box around B2 to propagate the formula through the rest of column B.
  4. Once you have your data, convert the cells to text using Extensions -> Sapiengraph -> Convert entire sheet to text.

See FAQ: Why Should I Convert My Formulas to Text? for more information on the last step.


Sapiengraph is priced on a no-commitment, no-contract monthly subscription basis.

Lite Pro Pro+ Business
Pricing $49/mo $299/mo $899/mo $1899/mo
Credits 12,500/mo 125,000/mo 449,500/mo 1,055,000/mo
# Formula Uses Up to 12,500/mo* Up to 125,000/mo* Up to 449,500/mo* Up to 1,055,000/mo*

*Depending on the complexity of the formula, different formulas have different credit costs, starting at 1 credit per formula.

Need more credits than this? We also offer enterprise pricing - contact us at [email protected] for more information. We also offer a limited free trial offer of 100 credits. Log in now to get started.

Getting started

We offer a comprehensive Getting Started Guide, but if you're comfortable with using Google Sheets and installing browser extensions, here's a TL;DR:

  1. Sign up or sign in.
  2. Follow the prompts to install the browser extension and Google Sheets addon.
  3. Enable Sapiengraph in your spreadsheet.
  4. Sign up for a no-commitment plan.
  5. Start making formulas! Here are the full docs..

Sign up now and get started using Sapiengraph!

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