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Fresh Profile Scraping Is Here!

Colton Randolph

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Since we launched Sapiengraph, we've received a lot of requests for fresh profile scraping--which makes sense. Fresher quality data can only benefit you.

Who wants to operate essential business functions on old data? Nobody.

That said, we actually already had this functionality available on our sister product, Proxycurl (a B2B data API). We just needed to integrate it into Sapiengraph.

And as you may have guessed by the headline of this blog post... as of today, the good news is fresh profile scraping is now available on Sapiengraph!

What is fresh profile scraping exactly?

Like on Proxycurl, we define fresh profile scraping as any result scraped within 29 days. In many cases, however, this can even be scraped live. We just simply guarantee within 29 days.

This means that we guarantee fresh profile data on any of our formulas that support it--which is many of them (view our documentation here for the full details).

Does fresh profile scraping cost extra money?

Yes, because scraping fresh profile results costs more money than cached profile results. However, it's still extremely cost-effective.

To account for this cost without raising pricing for those that don't require fresh profile scraping, we're making fresh profile scraping available as an add-on:

Plan Price Billing cycle Credits issued Formulas allowed Fresh profile scraping add-on
Trial Free Free forever 100 credits 100 formulas Not available
Lite $49 Monthly 12,500 credits 12,500 formulas +$50/mo for 1,250 fresh profiles
Pro $299 Monthly 125,000 credits 125,000 formulas +$300/mo for 12,500 fresh profiles
Pro+ $899 Monthly 449,500 credits 449,500 formulas +$900/mo for 44,950 fresh profiles
Business $1,899 Monthly 1,055,000 credits 1,055,000 formulas +$1,900/mo for 105,500 fresh profiles
Enterprise Custom Contact us Custom credits Custom formulas Custom pricing for fresh profiles

TLDR; Sapiengraph is still starting at as low as $49 per month, with the option to enable fresh profile scraping starting at an additional $50 per month, and scales upwards from there.

If that sounds good to you and you're interested in opting in for fresh data, click the button below:

How to enable fresh profile scraping within Sapiengraph

You'll first need to make sure you have the latest version of Sapiengraph here.

Then upon logging into the latest release of Sapiengraph, you'll be asked to enable fresh profiles:

What you'll see upon your first login to Sapiengraph
What you'll see upon your first login to Sapiengraph

Go ahead and enable fresh profiles, and then make sure you've added the fresh data add-on to your account.

From that point on, any formulas that support fresh scraping will automatically be scraped within our 29-day freshness guarantee, again, in many instances being scraped live.

Once you hit your maximum fresh profile scrapes, your formulas will revert to cached data.

Am I billed more than once for the same profile?

No. You're not.

We will not charge you more than once for any given profile. We bill according to unique uses.

In terms of Sapiengraph updates, that's about it!

...for now.

We still have a lot of incredible other new features coming to Sapiengraph, but we're thrilled to be able to roll out fresh profile scraping. It's been a long time coming.

That said, you now have three options:

Either choice you make, it won't be the wrong choice you make when it comes to accessing fresh and rich B2B data, all with the convenience of being able to easily pull it into a Google Sheet!

Thanks for reading, and here's to fresher data!

P.S. Have any questions? We would love to help, and promise we don't bite. Just reach out to us at "[email protected]" and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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Colton Randolph

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