Enrich data on people and businesses within Google Sheets from public sources like Linkedin and Crunchbase

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Pull fresh and rich data on people and companies within your spreadsheet with Sapiengraph without involving software engineers.

Sapiengraph Pricing

Transparent pricing for all levels of use. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Trial Lite Pro Pro+ Business Enterprise
Pricing FREE $49 / mo $299 / mo $899 / mo $1899 / mo Contact us
Credits 100 credits, one time only 12,500 credits / mo 125,000 credits / mo 449,500 credits / mo 1,055,000 credits / mo Contact us
Formulas Up to 100 times,* once only Up to 12,500 times* / mo Up to 125,000 times* / mo Up to 449,500 times* / mo Up to 1,055,000 times* / mo Contact us

*Depending on the complexity of the formula, different formulas have different credit costs, starting at 1 credit per formula.

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Stay compliant with Sapiengraph

We abide by strict standards of legal compliance in the obtaining and processing data.

Safeguard your data with our Security and Compliance feature. Data privacy is as important as data enrichment, and our platform considers security and privacy as first-class features along with compliance.

We're CCPA and GDPR compliant, and we're in the process of being SOC 2 certified.