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Get notified on job change signals of your most valuable buyers.

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Track up to 20 profiles for free.

Get Insight on New Opportunities

Sales opportunities

A job change signals a golden opportunity for sales. New buyers usually spend 70% of the budget within their first 100 days at a new job. Keep an eye on key decision-makers when they change jobs and stay one step ahead of the competition.

It also helps alert you when key contacts leave, enabling you to reach out to new contacts and reduce churn risks.

Investment opportunities

Leadership team turnover, or a change of jobs of key startup members, can imply a red flag of a company's operation, or an opportunity to expand portfolios. Keeping updated with these job changes within portfolio companies empowers VCs to mitigate risk and seize new investment opportunities.

Recruitment opportunities

Job changes impact the candidate pool available to recruitment agencies. Recruiters can exclude the talents that recently settled with new jobs. Job change data of talents also offers valuable job market insight, like which industries are actively hiring and what skills are in demand.

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  • First step

    Add Sapiengraph extension to Chrome.

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    Add to chrome
  • Second step

    Browse to any LinkedIn Member Profile you want to track for job changes.

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    You can also access it straight from the search page.

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  • Third step

    Click on the button to add user to be tracked.

  • Fourth step

    On job change, you will be notified by email.

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  • Fifth step

    Job change entry will also be added to Sapiengraph's Job Change Dashboard.

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Track up to 20 profiles for


*Prices for tracking beyond 20 profiles not determined yet. Until it is determined, you can track as many profiles as you like.