Generating quality email leads is essential for success in your sales.
Generating quality email leads is essential for success in your sales.

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How to Generate Quality Email Leads with Ease

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Generating quality email leads is essential for success in your sales. However, this process can be time-consuming. Navigating through countless websites and social media profiles to find the right contacts is tedious, and often results in inaccurate or outdated email addresses.

Gracefully, Sapiengraph presents itself as a game-changer to this problem. In this article, we’ll discuss how Sapiengraph empowers you to get effective email leads and build high-quality email lists, all within the familiar environment of Google Sheets.

But how can we discuss a solution if you haven’t seen the problem yet? So first, let’s discuss the pain points of traditional email lead generation.

Pain points of traditional email lead generation

Manual data collection

In traditional lead generation, finding quality contact information feels like navigating a rabbit hole. With this method, you have to perform the following time-consuming tasks:

  1. Comb through websites to manually search individual company websites for contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, and decision-maker names.

  2. Search on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to identify potential leads. This involves building targeted searches, filtering profiles, and manually extracting contact information which can eventually be incomplete or inaccurate.


1. Generic search criteria: Searching through broad directories or social media platforms with limited filters might result in a large pool of unqualified leads. This means reaching out to people who may not fit your product or service well.

2. Lack of customization: Without access to specific criteria like industry, job title, or company size, it's difficult to tailor your outreach to your ideal customer profile. This reduces the effectiveness of your lead nurturing efforts.

3. Scattered data sources: Gathering information from various sources can lead to a fragmented understanding of your target. As a result, it becomes challenging to identify patterns and fine-tune your targeting strategy.

Data inaccuracy

The frustration doesn’t just end at time consumption. A major pain point of traditional methods is the high probability of encountering inaccurate data.

1. Outdated information: Websites and social media profiles may not be regularly updated, leading to outdated contact information. Bounced emails and unanswered calls due to wrong phone numbers translate to wasted efforts and lost opportunities.

2. Incompleteness: Extracted data from various sources might be incomplete, missing crucial details like decision-makers names or job titles. This makes it difficult to personalize outreach and connect with the right people within a company.

3. Data errors: Typos and human errors during manual data collection can also lead to inaccurate information in your lead lists.

Limited data from webinar signups

Hosting webinars is an effective way to collect email leads. But signup forms often have limited the data you can collect. Typically, you can only request basic information like name and email address, as long or complex signup forms can lead to high drop-off rates, reducing the number of potential customers registering for your webinar. Lacking of detailed data makes it difficult to filter the qualified email leads effectively.

Reaching the right audience can be difficult through paid ads

Paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads offer a wider reach, but targeting the right audience can be challenging. While you can set demographic and interest-based parameters, these platforms rely on user-provided information, which may not always be accurate. This can lead to wasted ad spending on unqualified leads who are unlikely to be interested in your product or service.

In the next sections, we’ll discuss how Sapiengraph helps you solve these problems and practical steps to integrate Sapiengraph into your workflow.

How does Sapiengraph resolve traditional email lead generation problems

Sapiengraph is a Google Sheets add-on that offers custom Google Sheets formulas to enrich the latest data on companies or their employees. Sapiengraph is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and SOC-2, so when it comes to privacy compliance, Sapiengraph’s got you covered.

So how does Sapiengraph tackle the common pain points of collecting email leads?

  1. With Sapiengraph B2B data enrichment functionality, you can automatically populate your spreadsheets with accurate contact information. By leveraging its connection to public sources like LinkedIn and Crunchbase, Sapiengraph automatically enriches the data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and names of your leads.

  2. Since Sapiengraph significantly reduces the time of generating email leads, you have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Sapiengraph improves your efficiency by reducing manual work, improving the accuracy of the information you need, and ultimately providing a streamlined workflow.

  3. Lastly, Sapiengraph's unique formula system empowers you to build effective email lists. These formulas enable you to search and filter by industry, location, job title, company size, and other criteria. This allows you to target the audience most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Already sold? The next section discusses practical steps to integrate Sapiengraph into your workflow to get quality email leads.

A step-by-step guide to generating email leads with Sapiengraph

How to install Sapiengraph

Get started on Sapiengraph by signing up here. Additionally, this qualifies you for 100 free credits to pull data with our formulas. After signup, you will be prompted to install the Sapiengraph Google Sheets add-on and its browser extension. The add-on seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, making Sapiengraph formulas readily available whenever you need them.

When you launch your desired Google Sheet, a short Sapiengraph tutorial will pop up, this will help you get started quickly.

The pop-up looks like this:


Following this, you can seamlessly start populating your sheets with Sapiengraph formulas.

You are all set. Now we can start generating quality email leads.

How to generate email leads with Sapiengraph

Let's try to find the email address of your leads with personal email lookup formula to get email leads.

Let’s say you have gotten the name and the company of your lead (if you haven’t, you can also get the data from Sapiengraph formulas). You also have the lead’s LinkedIn address, but what’s left is the email field. You can enrich the email data of each person with the formula below.


To get the email address of your lead, replace the LINKEDIN_PROFILE_URL parameter with the LinkedIn profile URL of your lead. For example:


See, it returns the lead's email address just like magic.


But of course, Sapiengraph can do more than find email addresses. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes the challenge in email lead generation is unable to get the precise target. And Sapiengraph can help you solve this problem.

For example, you want to reach out to CEOs in the tech industry, without any specific lead in your database. And since your business requires face-to-face interaction, you want to target the CEOs who are based in California so that you can have a chance to visit them. How do you find the leads that match your criteria?

We can use the following formula to filter those CEOs in the tech industry based in California



Now you have a list of the leads. And you can again use the email lookup formula to get their email addresses.

Bonus tips: How to leverage the data you’ve got to succeed in outreach

The purpose of building a targeted email list is to make your leads aware of your product and convert them into buyers eventually. But bombarding them with sales pitches won't do the trick - you don’t want to be spammy. Here are 4 tips to nurture your leads and convert them into loyal customers through email outreach.

Segment your audience

Don't treat all leads the same. Sapiengraph's formulas allow you to segment your list based on industry, job title, and more. This lets you tailor your email content to address specific needs and pain points.

Provide value, not just sales pitches

Focus on building relationships, not just pushing products. Offer valuable content like industry reports, informative blog posts, or helpful resources to demonstrate your expertise and address your audience's challenges.

Personalize your outreach

A generic "Dear Valued Customer" email makes people feel less sincere. Use the data you have (e.g., name, company) to personalize your emails and tailor the content to their specific interests.

Respect opt-out requests and unsubscribes

Building trust is key. Always include a clear unsubscribe option in your emails. Respecting opt-out requests shows you value their time and builds a positive brand image.

Generate quality email leads with ease and do more

By now, you've seen how Sapiengraph can revolutionize your email lead generation process. However, Sapiengraph's power doesn't end here. You can leverage the formulas to go beyond email lead generation, such as building targeted lists for social media outreach or creating comprehensive customer profiles. Try it yourself!

Slash your research time by 90% and unlock the power of targeted email lead generation. Sign up for your free Sapiengraph trial today and claim your 100 free credits to experience the difference.

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