Sapiengraph's Job Change Monitor Feature help users find out when their prospects move to a new company
Sapiengraph's Job Change Monitor Feature help users find out when their prospects move to a new company

Introducing Sapiengraph’s Job Change Monitor Feature and How Can it Help Track Opportunities in Sales, Investment, and More

Raquel Teng

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Sapiengraph is thrilled to announce that our Job Change Monitor feature has been launched! With Sapiengraph's Job Monitor Feature, you can find out when your prospects are promoted or have moved to a new company, for free! Yes, this Job Monitoring Feature is free for tracking up to 20 people.

Let’s see how it works

Before we dive into how you can utilize this feature to help you succeed, we want to tell you a little secret. Since we're still in beta testing, we're currently offering it for free, even if you're tracking more than 20 profiles! Don't miss this opportunity to try it out, as this offer won't last forever and we'll soon introduce a pricing plan.

Let’s get started. If you are new to Sapiengraph, first sign up for an account for free and install the browser extension.

Go to LinkedIn and you will see the button “Monitor Job Change” on the profile. Click on it.


Then go to the dashboard. The profile you want to track is in it.


You will receive an email notification if the people you track change their jobs. It will also be reflected in the dashboard.


Now that you understand how to use it, we'll explore how you can leverage this feature in various scenarios and industries.

Boost sales pipeline

Identify hot leads

A decision-maker of your account landed a new job in another company. What does it mean to you as an account manager? This presents an excellent opportunity and a challenge at the same time.

The excellent opportunity here is that an old customer with a new job is a hot lead. New decision-makers usually spend 70% of the budget within 100 days. The old customer is already familiar with your product so there’s a high chance that he or she will want to integrate your product or service into the workflow.

Plus, a job change usually indicates a higher position within an organization. Your contacts might have more buying power. Even if they are not the decision maker in the new team, since they have used your products and services before, they can recommend it to their new teams.

With Job Change Monitor, you can receive notifications and contact your former customers before your competitors.

Reduce churn risk

However, when a decision-maker from your account takes a new job at another company, it presents a challenge. The replacement poses the greatest churn risk, as they are likely eager to establish new ground rules and seek new workflows.

With the help of Job Change Monitor, you will be notified when your key contact leaves the company. You can then identify the new contacts and their replacement, and reach out to them promptly to establish a connection.

Identify investment opportunities

Find the startups to invest in

When key individuals, especially those with a proven track record or significant industry experience, move to new companies, they often bring valuable insights, ideas, and connections. VCs can leverage these networks to discover emerging startups and investment opportunities.

Keep updated with Industry

Understanding where top talents are moving can help VCs keep updated with the dynamics within an industry. Companies that are attracting top talent indicate strong management teams and environments full of opportunities that are likely to succeed.

Show red flags

If key individuals and leadership teams leave a company around the same time, it suggests potential issues with the management style, company policies, or overall direction of the company. For VCs, this serves as a warning and a signal to reevaluate their portfolios.

Smoothen talent acquisition process

Find the talents who are in the job market

People are less likely to hop on a job hunting journey right after just settling down with a new job. The job change monitor can help recruiters identify which talents have higher chances to be open to new opportunities, making the talent outreach more efficient and effective.

Monitoring the job changes of talented individuals provides valuable insights into market trends, revealing which industries are currently in high demand for skilled professionals and which specific skill sets are sought after. For the recruitment industry, these insights can streamline the recruitment process and help identify opportunities for both potential hires and clients alike.

Tailor marketing strategies

Segment target audience

Job changes often signify shifts in careers. Marketers can leverage this data to pinpoint fresh target audiences for their products or services, tailoring their marketing messages to resonate specifically with these newly identified segments.

Update email marketing list

If the email addresses in your database are associated with company domains, a job change means these addresses are no longer valid. It's advisable to clean up your email list once in a while for marketing purposes to minimize bounce rates and maintain the health of your email marketing campaigns.

How other data providers track job change

As you see, tracking job change is essential for business as it brings valuable insight into sales, investment, recruitment, and more areas in the business world. Sapiengraph is not the only one offering this feature, but we are confident that we could be the best in the market. We have our reasons.

For example, requires you to upload a list of contacts in CSV. file you want to track so that you can pull data out of this list. This might not be convenient if you update the list frequently.

LeadIQ works similarly to It requires uploading a list of contacts in CSV. file and track the contacts in their dashboard. The other weakness of LeadIQ is data inaccuracy.

UserGems, a sales pipeline software, specializes in tracking job changes to signal potential leads. Their job change data is backed up by a powerful data scraping provider. Their data is clean and accurate, helping clients’ sales team find out the warmer leads to work on.

Sapiengraph’s Job Change Monitor uses the same powerful data scraping provider as UserGems. This ensures exceptional data accuracy. What’s more, you can currently use this feature to track job changes of contacts for free.

What are you waiting for? Try Sapiengraph’s Job Change Monitor feature today, and never miss out a hot leads anymore!

Track the job change of your leads now!

In case you wonder, here is our pricing plan

Again, now we are still in beta testing, you can track as many profiles as you want for free. But in case you wonder, here’s our future pricing plan:

For users on a plan with Fresh add-on: It will cost one fresh credit per profile a month. It will apply to all the profiles monitored, including the first 20. It will start charging on the 21st person onwards

For users on a plan without Fresh add-on: It will cost 20 regular credits per profile a month. It will charge on the 21st person onwards

Please note that the free 20 profiles will only apply to accounts with work email addresses.

For further assistance or inquiries:

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