Ultimate CRM Google Sheets Template by Sapiengraph - Get Fresh Data Automatically
This could be the best CRM template out there. 

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Ultimate CRM Google Sheets Template - Get Fresh Data Automatically

Joseph Lim

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This is an entirely free CRM template. You can literally start using it immediately:

But the coolest parts of this Google Sheets CRM template is it's automatic leads profile enrichment feature that pulls valuable data automatically about your contacts, at the click of a button. It is powered by Sapiengraph which is our paid product (with 100 free credits to start) and it is completely optional.

This is a sneak peek:

Ultimate CRM Google Sheets Template by Sapiengraph sneak peek
We know you can't wait to get started

Since you’re here, you’re likely looking for a great CRM template. Good news, you’re at the right place. As long as you know how to use Google Sheets (you likely do since you're reading this) then you're good to go. Start using it immediately by making a copy to make it your own. No convulated tutorial or learning required.

In the rest of this article, I’ll show you why this CRM template is unlike any other (hint: you can get email addresses & contact numbers using merely formulas within the Sheets itself), and also why a Google Sheets template vs a pre-built, fixed dashboard is likely very good for your CRM pipeline.

Is a Google Sheets-based CRM a better alternative?

Firstly, it's free

Google Sheets being Google Sheets is an advantage, because dashboards can be built on it freely, for free. Unlike other vendors where you’re paying them for the dashboards they built.

Being a spreadsheet, it is flexible

You can freely feed any data into your Google Sheets CRM and customize how the data is presented, no matter how long later in the future. As your outreach scale and capabilities grow, you can scale up your Google Sheets CRM alongside too.

You can do ALOT in a Google Sheets

More than being a blank canvass to feed data into, the extent you can use Google Sheets to create visualizations (charts, graphs and etc.) and advanced, really advanced formulas to make great use of these data together are powerful features of Google Sheets.

Just take a look at this, there actually is a spreadsheets world championship. It is considered an esports.

We have good news for you, because the CRM template that we’ll be sharing doesn’t have any of the above limitations of pre-built dashboards, and all the benefits of a Google Sheets CRM template and more. Enough talking, let’s start using the template.

Overview of our Ultimate Google Sheets CRM Template

Get the template here to try out immediately.

This CRM template that we built - which you can customize 100% and make it yours - was built with leads outreach in mind.

There are 3 key sheets in this CRM template:

  • "Add New Lead" sheet lets you key in your new leads' info, and automatically add them to the CRM.
  • "Leads CRM" sheet contains all the leads that you've added. Here is also where you enrich all the leads with additional valuable data using Sapiengraph*.
  • Finally the "CRM Overview" sheet that lets you see at a glance the statuses of leads that you're working on.

*Sapiengraph is a Google Sheets data enrichment tool that pulls fresh B2B data from sources like LinkedIn and Crunchbase. It runs entirely within Google Sheets and pulls data using just formulas.

A-Z walkthrough of the entire Google Sheets CRM Template

Here's the link to the template again for you to follow along step-by-step:

There are also step-by-step guides within the sheets that you can reference as you use.

Getting started

There are three things that you need to do before you can utilize the template to it’s maximum.

1. Make a copy of the template to make it yours

First, go to File → Make a copy.

Second, that’s it.

File -> Make a copy
File -> Make a copy

2. Grant permission to App Script so that the buttons work

  1. Click the “Add to CRM" to button, and a dialog box will pop up that allows you to grant permission for the App Script. For the first time, it’ll take about 30 seconds for it to pop up.
    • If nothing happens, click again until the box appears.
  2. Click "OK", and give authorization.

Once done, the button will be working properly now.

Give permission for App Script
Give permission for App Script

3. Sign up and install Sapiengraph to enrich data

Later, to enrich the leads that you’ve added with more data, you’ll need to install Sapiengraph.

  1. You can simply set up a new account on our website and follow the installation prompts,
  2. Or check this Getting Started Guide for details.
Sign up for a Sapiengraph account
Sign up for a Sapiengraph account

After signing up, you’ll be guided along on what to install. But for easy reference, these are the two things you need to install:

  1. Sapiengraph browser extension and
  2. Sheets add-on

After installation, head back to the CRM Sheets template, click Extensions → Sapiengraph → Launch Sapiengraph. You can now start using it properly.

Launch Sapiengraph in Sheets and start using
Launch Sapiengraph in Sheets and start using!

Once you've completed these three important steps, you're ready to try the template with actual leads.

Using the Ultimate CRM enrichment Sheets template

Adding new lead

When you open up the CRM Google Sheets template, you’ll immediately be greeted with the "Add New Lead" sheet. And that form in the middle is where you add your new lead.

Simply key in the information of your lead per the fields in the form.

Add new lead info
Bill Gates is ready to buy, reach out now!

It is okay if you don’t have any info at all, even the first name or last name. Because you can enrich and get these additional info with Sapiengraph - more on this later.

The most important thing then is the lead’s LinkedIn profile URL, with which you will use to enrich for all the info you need of your leads.

Once you’ve filled up the info, click ”Add to CRM” button.

Add new lead to CRM
Click the button and Bill Gates will be automatically added to CRM


The leads will be automatically added to the CRM

It’s like magic, but in Google Sheets. With each new lead, it’ll be added to a new row in the "Leads CRM" sheet.

New leads in CRM
Bill Gates is in your CRM now!

Try it with a few more leads. Fill their info in the lead form in "Add New Lead" sheet, click the "Add to CRM" button and see them get added as a new lead in your CRM.

Once you’ve done testing and have added a few leads, it’s time to try out the data enrichment part of the CRM.

Choose which leads to enrich

Note: any enrichment done using Sapiengraph will consume credits. See our formula guide to see credit costs for the formulas.
You start with 100 free credits when you signed up for a new account.

In the same "Leads CRM" sheet, you will see all the leads that you’ve added, and a column of checkboxes on the left.

To enrich your leads, simply tick the checkboxes to choose the leads that you want enriched, and click "Enrich" button at the top.

And witness the magic happening before your very eyes again.

See the automatic data enrichment in action

For our CRM template, the data that can be enriched are indicated in row 7 - “can be enriched”, and the formulas for the respective data are indicated in row 8 - “see formula guide”.

Formula guides
Check out the guide for more details

Here’s the same list of the data with links to their respective formula guides:

And finally, you’ll get a nicely enriched CRM, with emails and phone numbers for your outreach, and additional info for you to personalize your outreach.

Ultimate CRM Google Sheets Template by Sapiengraph
Your path to the perfect CRM

We all know CRM is Customer Relationship Management, but what is it really?

Breaking down the term “Customer Relationship Management” into their respective words:

  • Customer - the people with whom you want to build relationships with
  • Relationship - the details about them that matter that you want them to know you know
  • Management - a systematic handling of that relationship that includes regular engagements

Putting the whole thing together again, in other words, CRM is a dynamic system of effective relationship handling that goes beyond just using hard numbers and cold data to identify individuals, but using said data and more to enrich your engagement with the customers for rich and stable relationships.

What’s ultimately important in a CRM

So now that we know the importance of CRM, what then is important in the CRM itself?

Two compulsory data points that must exist for CRM to even be considered a CRM:

  • Name
  • Ways of contacting them (email, phone number, social media DMs)

Arguably with just these two info of a person, you can already start building your relationship.

But of course that’s not why we’re here. With a single person comes plenty of other relatable data points, and it is these other valuable data points that make a difference of how powerful your CRM is, and as an extension - the extent of your outreach success using this CRM.

Some of these other valuable data points are:

  • Work history
  • Educational background
  • Salary range
  • Social media handles
  • Location
  • Skills & interests
  • And more

Limitations of a normal CRM dashboard out there

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of CRM vendors out there, including Google Sheets templates like ours. Many are however rigid, forcing you to use their pre-built dashboards, not being able to do the customization needed for your use case.

Some are more flexible - like Google Sheets - yet they fall short in providing you with valuable data beyond what you already have.

Then there are some that might provide you with that additional data that you don’t have, but that data is either outdated or inaccurate.

The good news is, the CRM Enrichment Sheets template that we'll be sharing with you in this article is none of the above, and more.

Sapiengraph is a powerful Google Sheets data enrichment tool

We know you love Google Sheets, we love Google Sheeets too, that was why we built Sapiengraph that allows you to enrich data all within Google Sheets, using formulas.

Beyond what you've seen in this article and the template, there are five main categories of data that Sapiengraph can enrich:

And in each category there are over 20 attributes that you can enrich for, with more than 30 attributes for the Person data category.

The beauty of using formulas in Google Sheets is: you can mix and match the various Sapiengraph and Google Sheets formulas and write complex formulas like you would normally do to obtain powerful data and achieve high-level operations:

  • if(SG_PERSON("https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamhgates/","facebook_profile_id")="No data",if(SG_PERSON("https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamhgates/","twitter_profile_id")="No data",SG_PERSON("https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamhgates/","github_profile_id"),SG_PERSON("https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamhgates/","twitter_profile_id")),SG_PERSON("https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamhgates/","facebook_profile_id"))

You get the idea.

We first existed as Proxycurl, also a data enrichment tool but targeted at programmers and software engineers and pulls data using API instead of Google Sheets formulas. Along our journey of growing Proxycurl, we found out that there are many people looking for such data enrichment tool that does not require coding knowledge.

Thus the birth of Sapiengraph.

We built the powerful features of Sapiengraph on top of the current capabilities of Proxycurl, while making it easy to use for everyone, using just formulas.

Start with 100 credits to enrich your CRM with Sapiengraph

Nothing is better than trying it out yourself.

Sign up for an account and get 100 free credits immediately to try out the CRM template and other Sapiengraph formulas. After these 100 credits, get even more credits - 12,500 credits - at only $49. See Sapiengraph pricing page here.

Check out our full Formulas documentation page to see what formulas are there and how to use them.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach us:

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