How to find someone's phone number?
How to find someone's phone number?

Four Ways to Find Someone’s Phone Number

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There’s something about hearing a human voice on the other end of the line that enables a different kind of connection. This is why cold calls are still a viable strategy for chasing down leads in B2B marketing.

Having a conversation on the phone allows a business to effectively explain its services, build rapport, and address a client's concerns all in real time. It also allows a salesperson to gauge a client’s needs and level of interest in their product as quickly as possible.

However, before you can call somebody, you’ll first need their contact information.

Here are four ways you can find someone's phone number on the internet.

1. Public Search Engines

The first method to find someone's phone number is using public search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Simply input a person's name in quotation marks alongside words like "phone number", "telephone" or "contact" and hit enter. The search engine will immediately pull up websites where their names are listed alongside these phrases.


This method is completely free, making it one of the first things that people try when searching for contact information. You can narrow down search results by specifying the location or profession of a person in quotation marks. This works best when the person has a distinct presence on the internet.

One of the downsides of using public search engines is that it usually only works if the person has a semi-unique name. If the person you’re looking for has a very common name like “John Smith”, you’re going to find pages and pages of articles about the actor instead. Figures of public interest also may not list their numbers for fear of getting too many spam calls.


Looking up phone numbers on search engines also requires the person to have listed their contact information on an indexed website. Folks who value their privacy or rarely use the internet probably have not posted their number anywhere, making them difficult to find.

Individuals who have published their phone numbers online sometimes fail to get search engines to index their personal blogs or websites. So even if they listed their contact information there, it won’t show up in the search results. This is especially true for smaller, lesser-known websites without a strong online presence or a high volume of traffic.

There’s also the concern that these publicly available results come from sites that have not been updated in years. This means that the “Kylie Brown” you found on page 11 of the search results might have already changed her number 3 years ago.

2. Online Directories

Online directories are another way to find phone numbers. These come in two types: business directories like Yelp or Google My Business (essentially Google Maps), and individual online directories like AnyWho, PeopleFinder, or Whitepages.

Business Directories

Some entrepreneurs, freelancers, or business owners use their name as their professional or company name. This allows them to build a brand around their name and link it to their expertise. If this is the case, then you can find their contact information just by looking up their name on Google Maps.


It’s also possible to find someone’s business phone number if they use part of their name in their listings. However, looking up a person in a business directory won’t work if they have not attached their name to their brand and you don’t know the name of their company.


Online business directories provide an incentive for owners to keep their information up to date as it generates traffic and leads. Therefore the data listed on these sites are usually quite accurate.

Individual Directories

If you’re looking for a personal phone number instead of a business line, you can try using individual directories like or

Some directories require you to input the general location of the person, whereas others make do with a first and last name. One benefit of using these online directories is that they list the age and location of the person, enabling you to narrow down your search considerably.


Although online directories are generally more accurate than using a public search engine, they also run the risk of being outdated if the person or business isn’t tech-savvy enough to update their information, or has moved away from that location. While business directories are mostly free, personal ones often require a subscription to find private phone numbers.


3. Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are also places where you can find phone numbers. You can head to the search bar and enter a person’s full name to pull up all the relevant profiles.

Meta and Tiktok offer pages and profiles specifically designed for businesses. When setting up these tools, users are usually prompted to include contact information such as phone numbers or emails so that clients and customers can get in touch as quickly as possible.

If you’re searching on Facebook, one handy trick is to look under ‘Pages’ instead of ‘People’ because most users choose to keep their number private on their personal profiles. If they have a page, you can hover over the link to see if they have a phone number listed. This can save you a little bit of time.


Instagram and TikTok are harder to navigate. When you look up a person’s name, you have to click on each bio to check if they have a number listed there. This can be extremely time-consuming if the person you are looking for is not using their full name on their social media profile, or if they have a very common name. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may hit the jackpot on the first profile and come up with a phone number that you can use.


However, if the individual you’re searching for has not attached their business profile to their personal one, or if they’re using their company’s name as a handle instead of their real name, you’ll end up fruitlessly digging through pages and pages of profiles without getting any real results.


Oftentimes, a person’s contact information is only available to a select group of people on social media, such as in the case of Facebook profiles that are “Friends Only”, or locked behind private accounts, making this a more difficult method of finding a phone number.

4. Data Enrichment using Sapiengraph

The previous methods mentioned all require being patient to keep digging through search results, directories, and profiles. However, Sapiengraph offers you an easy way out when it comes to looking up phone numbers for individuals and businesses.

All you need is a person’s LinkedIn profile and a Sapiengraph account.


Sapiengraph offers a couple of methods that you can use to find someone’s phone numbers. You can choose to use the Google Sheets template provided to retrieve all the relevant information about an individual, or create a new sheet and use only the formula that retrieves only phone numbers.

Google Sheets template

After you install Sapiengraph in Google Sheets, simply fill out the name and LinkedIn URL on the sheet named “Add New Lead” and click “Add to CRM”.


After clicking “Add to CRM”, the details will show up in the “Leads CRM” sheet where you can select the person’s name and click “Enrich”.

This will return the person’s information such as emails, phone numbers, locations, roles, companies, websites, industries, and social media profiles from public databases such as LinkedIn and Crunchbase. Enriching leads will consume credits from your Sapiengraph account and the amount of credits used will depend on which formula returns a result.


Sapiengraph’s integration with Google Sheets means that you can see all the data in one place. This eliminates the need to copy and paste information from various sources, saving you a lot of time and effort.


Using the formula for Personal Numbers

If you just need phone numbers instead of emails or other details. You can just create your spreadsheet and utilize the formula:


Simply place your LinkedIn profile URLs in Column A and then input the Sapiengraph formula in Column B. This way, you can direct Sapiengraph to retrieve only phone numbers and save on credits.


Every new account gets 100 free credits right off the bat. Since each phone number added will consume 10 credits, you can retrieve up to 10 phone numbers during your trial. If you want to look up more information, Sapiengraph offers different annual plans for all your data enrichment needs.

The information that Sapiengraph provides is fresh from the last 30 days, you can rest assured that whatever data provided is recent and up-to-date.

Time is money

Put the days of endlessly searching for someone’s phone number or data in the middle of nowhere behind you and let Sapiengraph do the hard work. Now that you’ve found all the information you need, you can spend your time on better things like making calls and connecting with people on a larger scale.

Try Sapiengraph now to find someone's phone number in a few seconds! 

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